Road transport

Ebrex international transportation, both full and part load, between European countries takes place regularly and on a weekly basis to Germany, Netherlands, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Slovakia, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, France, Portugal , Czech Republic, Croatia, et al.

In addition to the European direction, local distribution and delivery in Estonia with the terminal service takes place.

  • Part and full load shipments across Europe
  • All cargoes are insured under the terms of the CMR Convention pursuant to the
  • Oversized transport
  • ADR shipments
  • Local distribution and delivery in Estonia with terminal service

Sea transport

Maritime transport is the best means of transporting large quantities of goods which do not require fast transport schedule.

Ebrex offers Container Transportation (FCL) – a door-to-door full service and inter-terminal transportation service under the terms of the Convention.

Air transport

Ebrex air transport offers a variety of delivery solutions across the world.

Air transport is the fastest and shortest mode of transportation for the transport of conventional goods.

As a major advantage over other modes of transportation, the use of air transport makes it possible to maintain a minimum level of stock and reduce the freezing of current assets into the stock level.

Inventory efficiency is guaranteed by ordering smaller quantities more frequently, according to customer orders.

Ebrex Pro

Ebrex Pro is a crane truck transportation service to transport heavy or bulky cargo in the Nordic and Baltic countries, without using intermediate storage spaces.
The goal is to provide our customers with the best solution for freight, lifting, crane and oversized transportation,
as well as complete logistics solutions and complete packages for operation.

HIAB and PALFINGER cranes with crane lifting capacity up to 18t.
The service is mainly used for fixing and lifting garden houses, wooden houses, heat beams, formworks, metals, frames, scaffoldings and various structures.
Features of crane transport:

  • The height of the arrow for crane trucks is 10-42 m and lifting capacity up to 8 tonnes / m
  • We offer both full and semi-trailers
  • WCrane trucks have HIAB and PALFINGER on the top with lifting capacity up to 18 t
  • Trucks with a load capacity of 10-12 tonnes and trailers with a load capacity up to 12 tonnes carry the load to the site
  • Trucks with a load capacity of 10-12 tons lift up to 41 metres in height
  • The lifting capacity of the cranes next to the car is up to 14 tonnes
  • Only nylon straps are used to lift the goods to prevent scratches and damage
  • Safe lifting hooks, such as shackles or safety hooks are used
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