Ebrex Eesti OÜ’s activities and management are certified pursuant to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EVS 18001 since February 2016.

Our management policy includes the quality, environmental, occupational safety and social responsibility policies.

We organise international and local transport services meeting high quality, environmental, occupational safety and legal requirements, which ensures ongoing client satisfaction and thus secures Berea with a competitive edge.

  • The promises given and the opportunities offered must be balanced, therefore our activities are guided by the following:
  • We offer our clients goods carriage solutions enabling them to enjoy life with a peace of mind and to be more successful;
  • We organise the shipments into their destination with all the necessary documents, at the agreed time and without damage;
  • We value an honest, comprehensible and transparent business model;
  • We are joyful, helpful and professional, establishing pleasant and unforgettable relationships with our co-operation partners;
  • Our employees are highly qualified, we ensure gender equality and never use child labour;
  • We preserve the health and work capacity of our employees through work environment meeting the legislation’s requirements;
  • We develop our procedures and work culture towards supporting occupational health and safety, promoting positive psychosocial climate and smooth work flow in the company, thus establishing prerequisites for increased effectiveness;
  • We minimise any negative environmental impact of our work;
  • We preserve our competitive edge by systematically assessing and improving all our activities;
  • We systematically assess our co-operation partners and use only reliable subcontractors;
  • We continually monitor and develop our activities in compliance with the legislation regulating our field of activities as well as the relevant environmental and occupational safety requirements;
  • We continually develop our management system, considering it an investment for our employees and future generations.

The management policy has been prepared by the company’s management staff. The nature of the management policy is communicated in the company by a handbook and internal training courses. All employees of the company are aware of their roles and are obligated to contribute to quality assurance, environmental protection and occupational health and safety.